by Studio Art Lab

Design Services includes Cover Design(Album, Book, Magazine), Advertising(Spreads, Signs, Posters/Flyers)

Album Cover Design

Let Studio Art Lab design the art that's on your next albumn cover. We provide commercial photography production services, illustration, editing, and design services to create your cover, insert, booklet, lyric sheet, cd face print, etc.

Music Album Cover Design 1
Music Album Cover Design 2
Music Album Cover Design 3
Music Album Cover Design 4
Music Album Cover Design 5

Magazine Cover Design

Fully custom, eye catching, professonaly designed magazine covers. delivered in JPG, PNG, PDF and PSD. High resolution and print ready.

Music Album Cover Design 3
Music Album Cover Design 3

Book Cover Design

You deserves quality book cover design and art. Your book deserves a quality cover. And so do your readers. We can produce your cover photography or illustration, graphics, typography, and complete dust cover layout and design.

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