Logo Design

Let the graphic designers at Studio Art Lab create your next logo. We produce unique logos that are print and web ready. We can also redraw your current logo to create a scalable, vectorized version of your logo.

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Style of Logo Designs

apple ipad logo Iconic Logo Design
Typically a simplified graphic or symbol, sometimes abstract, of something that represents the company and/or their product or service. The integrity of this type of logo is tested by shrinking it down to the size of a small icon to see if it holds its shape and detail.

apple ipad logo WordMark Logo Design
Text based logos are the simplest type of design and brand your company name, vs. a "symbol". However, much effort is placed on making the font face, color(s), spacing and arrangement of the text unique enough to be considered a logo.

apple ipad logo Combination Logo Design
Combines an Iconic Logo with a Wordmark.

Vector Graphic Logo Re-draw
If you have a web-based logo design or an otherwise log-res logo graphic and want it to be scalable enough to send to print or even large-scale sign graphics, we can vectorized your logo.