Photo Correction

If your camera shoots in a RAW format or Digital Negative(DNG), this is the best format for us to work with. However, we understand that most customers will send us a JPG file. A JPG file is a compressed version ( as little as 10% of what the RAW file would have been ) of what your camera took with all the camera settings already embedded into it. These embedded settings can not be adjusted as with RAW formats. We can still correct the photo, however, there will be some level of detail lost in the process, although not always apparent.

  • White Balance - Fix blue or orange temperature/tint of image
  • Exposure - Adjust underexposed or overexposed effects
  • Contrast - High tones brighter...Low tones darker
  • Lens Correction - Correct distortions from wide or narrow angles

Nee more? See Photo Retouching.

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