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An extremely technical photographic genre, product photography requires specialized lighting and staging, and requires extensive post-production techniques. Studio Art Lab photographers are well-trained in this field and bring an artist's eye and sensibilities to the shoot. Extensive digital post-processing delivers the finishing touch to your photographs. Whether the product photos are for an advertisement, catalog, book cover, or other marketing need, Don Butto will stage, light, and photograph your product to highlight attributes in line with your marketing message.

Types of Product Photography

Individual / Clipping

The most common type of product photography is shot on a clean white or black background and gives emphasis to just the product itself as seen in most online shopping carts.

Life Style / Staged

A shot that makes your product look good in its natural setting. It is shot in an artistic manner to tell a story about how the product is used and may include models using or wearing the product.

Studio / Enhanced

A product shot on a plain background with dramatic lighting. Often with the item placed on a reflective surface and retouched to perfection to show the details of the product.

Product Photography
Product Photography
Product Photography
Product Photography

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