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Heirloom Photo Restoration

Charished photos of loved ones become all that more priceless when that is all you have left. Like most things, photos will wear with age. It would be an honor to restore life back into your family heirloom photos and paintings so that they can continue to be admired and enjoyed for generations to come.


Digital Restoration of Art & Artifacts

  • Loose Photographs
  • Physical Art ( on canvas, board or paper )
  • Previously Digitized Media
  • Printed Material ( Certificates, Maps, etc. )

The Process:

  • Step #1 : Consultation - Review & Estimate
  • Step #2 : Review & Estimate
  • Step #3 : Photograph and/or Scan Art work
  • Step #4 : Digital Restoration
  • Step #5 : Printing and Framing

Contact Studio

Photo Restoration services start at $350
However, every project is unique and we must see the physical image to provide a quote.

Please describe the piece(s) needing restoration.

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