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How does Studio Art Lab's Digital Darkroom services help me?


Digital DarkRoom services are ideal for the consumer that received unedited photos from a photographer on USB, SD Card, or FTP link to ALL the images from their shoot.

Hobbyist Photographer

Digital DarkRoom services are ideal for hobbyist or amateur photographers who haven't developed post-editing skills yet.

Pro Photographer

Digital Dark Room services are ideal the professional photographers that would prefer to be shooting there next session vs. editing their last shoot or event.

White Balance Correction

White Balance can be tricky to get right. Your camera's automatic white balance function can miss the mark or you may just forget to set it correctly during shooting. If you review your shots in black and white mode, your view screen definitely won't help. Learning to read a histogram will help, but most photographers don't utilize this function.

white balance correction

Exposure Correction

Capturing properly exposed photos will require you to nail your aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. Being a "little off" on any of these settings or setting your camera on "auto" will still get you fairly close. However cameras, like people, aren't perfect Also, if you are shooting outside or using natural lighting; the movement of the sun and clouds are likely to make consistancy difficult. Studio Art Lab can quickly and affordably correct the exposure of all the photos on your camera roll (SD card) for you.

exposure correction

B/W Conversion

Black and White Photography or Conversion of your color images is an art in of itself. Most photo software can do this for you, however, the automatic conversion of images usually leaves you with flat, low-contract, less than optimal esthetics. Studio Art Lab's black and white conversion process includes increasing the dynamic range of the image which will increase contrast as well as the textural detail in the highlights and lowlights of the image.

black and white conversion

How it works

1) Most importanly, always shoot in RAW. Shooting in JPG will drastically limit the level of correction possible.

2) Upload/Ship/Drop-Off all of the photos from your shoot / SD card to our dedicated/high-performance FTP servers.

3) We will make the corrections to all your images and save them in various formats to suit your specific requirements..

4) We will return all your corrected images, in both .DNG and Full Resolution .JPG files. NOTE: Original Camera RAW files and Lightroom sidecar also available upon request.

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